Ready to Build a Family Business
That Will Last
For Generations?

Strengthen Your Family. Build a Sustainable Business.

Is your family business struggling with the dark side of success?
Three reasons why.
Family Conflict
Competing family voices and intergenerational differences can wreak havoc in your business.
Ownership Pressures
Balancing conflicting family needs with business demands in a complex market is stressful and overwhelming.
Business Fragmentation
Systems and processes are disjointed and costly when leaders disagree on how to operate the business.
Do You Have the Courage to Look?
Understanding the disconnects in your family business positions you for innovative growth.
What is the source of family conflict and tension?
What are the existing gaps between the family, ownership, and the business?

What needs to happen for all key stakeholders to come together and support meaningful outcomes for the business?

A Broken Family System
Will Break Your Business
It doesn’t have to be that way.
The Family Business Domains
Family-business alignment in all three domains will give you assurance and peace-of-mind that your family and your business can flourish and thrive under the most challenging circumstances.


Because alignment strengthens the Family Enterprise System to strategically pivot, adapt, and respond to changing environments in a unified and cohesive way.

Meet Sharon Spano, PhD
My Philosophy and Promise to You
In my experience, family businesses face different challenges than other businesses because of the emotional ties that bind the family system and the business together. These bonds must be honored and protected.

My job is to help you and your family move past persistent conflict, misplaced loyalties, disconnected values, or any patterns that threaten your family business or your legacy.

The messiness of transitional moments like succession, divorce, or loss of a key player can wreak havoc on your family business. Additionally, all families are uniquely wired with specific patterns of success—some of which can threaten the sustainability of your company.

Together we will efficiently and discreetly resolve any family business concerns in a safe environment where all key players can be seen and heard.