Healing Relationships with Dr. Juan Santos

Relationships can be a source of unbridled joy, but they can also lead to hurt, trauma, and betrayal. Navigating relationships (and dealing with affairs) can put a strain on one’s mental health so today, we are joined by the mental health expert, Dr. Juan Santos, CRC, LCMHC, to learn about the best ways to heal troubled relationships.

Dr. Santos is the Owner of Santos Counseling PLLC – a company that serves his passion of improving mental health in individuals, couples, and families so that they can regain power over their lives and relationships – and he explains why mental health very personal for him and why he chose to focus on relationships in his career.

Our conversation centers on healing from affairs as we discuss how to survive a breach of contract, how to rebuild trust, the role of culture and religious beliefs in healing relationships, specific terms to avoid using, and the undeniable importance of accountability (on both sides). We also learn about the ins and outs of modern relationships, and how shadow work and living in gratitude can boost the longevity of your relationships.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What drew Dr. Juan Santos to mental health and specifically, relationships.
  • How relationships have changed in his practice and community since COVID.
  • Healing from affairs: how to survive breaches of contract.
  • Whether trust can be rebuilt after an affair.
  • How the type of affair affects the probability of reconciliation and healing.
  • Why one has to be careful about using specific terms (victim, betrayer, etc.)
  • The importance of accountability on both sides.
  • How cultural and religious beliefs affect healing and the value that is placed on relationships.
  • Understanding modern relationships.
  • Shadow work, gratitude, and other advice for those in conflicted relationships.


Transcript: Here

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