Reducing Stress and Beating Burnout with Pamela Wagner

Stress, fatigue, and burnout are now as common around the world as an ordinary headache, but with a much higher chance of causing irreparable damage if not dealt with promptly. Joining us today is Pamela Wagner, the Founder of Ajala Digital, and she is here to share her tips and tricks for managing stress and overcoming burnout.

Pamela is a digital marketing specialist who made Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2022, and her company is all about helping six and seven-figure businesses leverage Google and Meta Ads to maximize profitability. So to begin, Pamela explains how she became an entrepreneur and what that decision meant for her life’s trajectory.

We discuss the role of trauma in highly successful people, why it matters to have a firm sense of belonging, why our guest decided to become part of the solution against burnout, and how she goes about coaching her clients to manage their stress levels and rise above imposter syndrome. We also learn about the differences in marketing between Europe and North America, how burnout manifests in the two continents, the value of family constellation therapy, and Pamela’s tools for reducing stress and mitigating burnout.

As a bonus, be sure to join Pamela’s free community: From Hustle Monster to Calm Warrior – daily science-backed hacks by a Harvard grad for a stress-free you & a life that truly feels good.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • When Pamela Wagner first recognized her entrepreneurial spirit.
  • The role of trauma in success, and the importance of having a grounded sense of belonging.
  • Exploring the complexities of migration, and how to flourish as an immigrant.
  • Pamela’s assessment of the current state of online ads.
  • Why she decided to help solve the global dilemma of burnout.
  • How she helps her clients to manage their stress levels and overcome imposter syndrome.
  • Comparing burnout levels and the perception of stress between the two continents.
  • Tools for reducing workload and mitigating stress.
  • Understanding the value of family constellation therapy.
  • Our guest’s parting words of wisdom and hope.


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