Customized Services

A unique opportunity to choose exactly how you want to revitalize your Family Enterprise System.  

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Business Strategy

Revitalize systems and processes so you can increase performance and profitability. 

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Executive Coaching 

Increase leadership effectiveness so you can pivot and adapt in times of rapid change. 

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Family Retreats 

Resolve conflicts that interfere with each person's capacity to fully contribute to the larger system. 

Why the Family Enterprise Framework?

In these times of crisis and change, you want a framework that will help you and your family identify which core elements of your Family Business System are out of alignment. 

Choose which path is right for your family business at this very moment.  


Business Strategy

Identify which systems and processes are benefiting the company and where there's a need for innovative change.

Executive Coaching

Integral Coaching is a robust transformational process that will take anyone on your team to the next level of leadership effectiveness. 

Training and Development

A customized approach to employee performance issues that will align all key players with the vision, values, and growth strategy of your business. 

Family Retreats

Discover how the underlying dynamics of your family system is  impacting your capacity to build a sustainable business and protect your wealth. 

Client Testimonials

Dr. Sharon Spano is our “go-to” person for expert strategic planning and corporate leadership development.  Sharon has provided us with a comprehensive approach to vision, strategic planning, and team development.  Her expertise is invaluable in helping all team members successfully navigate multiple challenges and opportunities.  We deeply appreciate the way Sharon brings her unique blend of knowledge, discernment, passion and leadership experience to deliver end results that exceed expectations.

Sharon Spano joined was our Keynote Speaker for two Annual Franchise Conferences. Sharons thorough research done prior to the event, investigating our business model, learning about our Franchisees and interviewing our corporate team, was truly evident in her ability to create an instant rapport with our audience. Sharon's  sessions were the highlight of our Conferences! Using her sense of humor as well as personal examples of achievements and trials, Sharon knew when to dig for more and when to pull back in order to challenge our Franchisees to grow both personally and professionally.

After working with Dr. Spano, I now know how  to talk to my co-workers, clients, and loved ones on different levels.  I felt an overwhelming sense of frustration as though I was talking and not being heard.  The understanding of  the science behind Sharon's work has really helped me to be a better communicator. I'm now far less stressed and frustrated and better positioned  to accomplish my company goals. 

Sharon worked with our company on the transition of leadership between my father and my sister and I.  After having attended her Systemic Mapping Retreat, I now understand how important it is to understand the principles of systems. Not just the concrete systems that I pay attention to every day in the business, but systems that are at play that I didn’t even know existed.


The result of our work with Sharon is that I now know exactly what I need to do and fix. Before I felt chaos and overwhelm with the unknown because I didn’t look at the system as a whole. I now have a strategy and a game plan to take our company forward. 

Sharon's Systemic Mapping Retreat brought me to a dimension of reality that I never knew existed let alone paid attention to.


As a professional, you kind of feel like you’ve seen it all, done it all. But, these principles that Sharon teaches are not something that are ready baked into any training that I've ever had. 


I now know that the answer to everything is not a linear process. I now pay attention to the complex  systems that exist  everywhere, and I'm more effective in every role I play as a result of this understanding.


Working with Sharon has made me see and feel myself differently. It was transformative. I came to feel a wild appreciation for how my life is systemic. How I’m part of a larger system, a collective.


You quickly and comfortably realize Sharon’s mastery in constellation work and her ability to teach you about the dynamics of systems. You also come to understand the depth of her and the wisdom she brings to navigating those systems. 


Everyone should do this work. Especially if they’ve reached a level of success and they’re now in a place where normal tactics are no longer working. Sharon’s concepts, her skills, and her delivery allow you to reach different levels of success both personally and professionally. 

In working with Dr. Sharon I was able to better understand who I am, get more in touch with what my daily needs are, where I want to go, what I want my life to be, and what steps I need to take to get there.

This work has been absolutely critical in helping me realize in what ways I was going against my own grain and helping me to be more productive and successful in the ways that were natural to me.

Dr. Sharon has been extremely insightful and the practices she's come up with have been thoroughly tailored to me and the things I need to do to align my effort, my goals, and my lifestyle. It has been a pleasure working with Dr. Sharon and I couldn't recommend her more highly.

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Barbie Boyd, Owner and CFO, Boyd Civil Engineering
Bette Fetter, Founder & CEO, Young Rembrandts
Austin Lasure, Founder & CEO, Freedom Cleaning Solutions
Adam Velliquette,Owner & CEO, KBF Design Gallery
Tim Tracey, COO, Storyville Coffee Company
Matt Pengra, Executive Vice President
Michael Blevins, Software Developer

Connect Your Family to a Solid Business Strategy that Works!

In these times of crisis and change, you want a framework that will help you and your family identify which core elements of your Family Business System are out of alignment. 

Choose which path is right for your family business at this very moment.