Meet Sharon Spano
I help family business leaders strengthen their Family Enterprise System so that they can enjoy the life they’ve worked so hard to build.

A Few Ways to Work with Dr. Sharon Spano

All services are customized to meet the unique needs of your family and your business. Let’s talk about the best entry point for your current needs.


Business Strategy

Align your family with a strategic growth path that will protect your business and your wealth for generations to come.


Executive Coaching

Integral Coaching will transform how you and your team pivot, adapt, and respond during times of transition and change.


Systemic Mapping

Learn how to develop a Systemic Lens that will change your family-business dynamics forever.

It’s All About Results

As a Family Business Consultant, Sharon Spano helps thriving family business leaders develop family alignment so they can deepen their relationships, achieve sustainable business growth, maximize their impact, and secure a multi-generational legacy.

Dr. Spano’s expertise in human and organizational systems and her research-based methodologies are designed to help these business leaders generate collaborative strategies for success and sustainability in our ever-changing landscape.

“While there are many ways that we go about the process of transition and change, the ultimate goal is to empower my clients to view their life and business through a systemic lens. Once they learn to embody this level of knowledge, I find that everything else accelerates, and it does so in a way that allows for greater integration of the family-business many complex systems. The result is a unified family that is now fully positioned to contribute to one another and the world in more meaningful ways.

Sharon is the author of The Pursuit of Time and Money: Step into Radical Abundance and Discover the Secret to a Meaningful and Prosperous Life (2017) and the host of the weekly podcast, The Other Side of Potential, which focuses on how family business leaders integrate their unique family dynamics with the complexity of running a successful business.