Step Into the Second Half of Your Life with Dr. Cindy Starke

Everyone has the ability to change the trajectory of their lives, regardless of the trauma they have experienced. It is never too late to step into your potential and rewire the neurotransmitters that are not serving you best.

Today, Dr. Cindy Starke joins us to discuss the work she is doing to help people step into the second half of their lives through subconscious repatterning. Dr. Starke had an incredibly traumatic experience as a young teenager that led her to seek comfort from education. Today, she holds a Ph.D., is an author, a healthcare professional, and a coach who has dedicated her life to helping people broaden their horizons.

In this conversation, we break down the power of education, the work Dr. Starke is doing, the importance of meeting your basic needs before doing any psychological work, what Dr. Starke’s subconscious repatterning course entails, and so much more! Be sure to tune in to be empowered to heal your inner child and step into your true potential, no matter the stage of life you’re in!

Please note that this episode carries a trigger warning for sexual assault so please listen with care.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • TW: For listeners who wish to avoid Dr. Starke’s account of sexual assault, please skip audio between [00:04:16] and [00:06:12].
  • How education became transformational for Dr. Starke and helped her heal from her trauma.
  • Dr. Starke tells us about her relationship with her family today.
  • The importance of understanding that people who hurt other people have deep trauma.
  • Who Dr. Starke’s ideal client is and the two different programs she offers.
  • How COVID changed the work (Dr. Starke’s in particular) and her transition out of healthcare.
  • Why basic needs need to be met before Dr. Starke can do any psychological inner-child work.
  • Dr. Starke tells us about the subconscious repatterning work she does with her clients.
  • What’s next for Dr. Starke’s future and career in this industry.
  • Dr. Starke encourages listeners to be brave enough to do this neurotransmitter rewiring work.

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