Your Family Enterprise Framework for Wealth and Sustainability

Discover how family alignment promotes business sustainability, builds generational wealth, and fosters a lasting legacy across multiple generations.

Your Family is Your Greatest Legacy.

Let’s make them part of the conversation.
The Family Enterprise Framework

An integrated process ensures the best possible solutions are fully explored and implemented in support of the family, ownership, and business.

Each family member understands their unique value to the Family Enterprise System.
All involved parties know where they belong in the larger system and how best to contribute.
Family members and business leaders align to protect the family wealth and secure a lasting legacy.
Align Your Family with the Core Elements of Business Sustainability, and You Will Protect Your Wealth and Your Business for Generations to Come!

Let’s explore what’s really going on in your family business and fix it!

Frequently Asked Questions
What's unique about Sharon's approach to family business dynamics?
Sharon will help you look at your family and the business through a systemic lens. Her unique processes support all parties in being seen and heard in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.
Why do we need alignment if our family business is already successful?
Family alignment will support business and family success through multiple generations. You want to ensure that your business success doesn’t end with the original founders. Family alignment in all three domains protects the family and the business.
What if someone in our family believes we can handle our own business matters?
Family businesses are complex. It’s difficult to see the hidden dynamics in both systems when the family is facing crisis or change. A 3rd party expert who is trained in family-business systems can help you get to the truth of these dynamics faster so that you can get on with the business at hand.
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