The Hidden Superpowers of Entrepreneurs with Mark Monchek

Trauma can be life-changing, devastating, and difficult to heal from if not addressed quickly. But trauma can also reveal hidden traits within us that may lead to positive and mind-blowing transformations, especially for those with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Mark Monchek is our resident cohost and, as the Founder and Chief Opportunity Officer of Opportunity Lab, he is the perfect entrepreneur to walk us through today’s topic, and he begins by defining ‘trauma’ as we have come to understand it here on The Other Side of Potential.

We discuss how trauma can be a catalyst for unlocking hidden potential, why successful entrepreneurs are often unhappy in life, and what Dr. Spano’s guided meditation taught her about the importance of reestablishing our divinity. We also learn about the need to reexamine how spirituality plays out in the secular world. Be sure to tune in for the next steps you should follow if you are ready to embrace your superpowers.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Mark Monchek reiterates our definition of trauma.
  • How trauma can be the catalyst for hidden superpowers to be revealed.
  • Why many thriving entrepreneurs don’t experience the joys of their success.
  • Using Dr. Spano’s experience with her late son, Michael, as a case study for how trauma can transcend into superpowers.
  • How revealing your superpowers starts with a guided meditation.
  • What Dr. Sharon learned from her short meditation about her spirituality.
  • Why we need to redefine “abundant impact”/”social entrepreneurship” and reassess how spirituality shows up in the secular world.
  • A call to action for listeners who are ready to unleash their superpowers.


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